High-throughput protein crystallization platform

High-throughput protein crystallization platform

About Facility

Detailed knowledge about the spatial structure of a specific protein is highly valuable for many experiments. One of the most effective techniques for determining protein structures is X-ray crystallography, which requires high quality mono-crystals of the protein. Obtaining such crystals is an empirical, labor intensive process and a crucial step on the way to structure determination. The Protein Crystallization Platform, a core facility that sets up and monitors high-throughput crystallization trials at nano-liter scale.


Formulatrix RockImager R1000

RockImager R1000 is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization. It can handle up to 1000 crystallization plates for storage and scheduled imaging using visible light, UV, and SONICC techniques. Visible and UV imaging is implemented in separate light paths providing the best quality color and UV images. The temperature inside can be regulated using peltier heat exchanger from 5℃ below ambient to 6℃ above ambient with 0.5℃ precision standard. A redundant compressor cooling system regulates temperature from 4℃ to 19℃ with ambient temperature from 16℃ to 30℃.

Formulatrix FRAP

Fluorescent Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) is an optical technique that allows researcher to identify the optimal conditions for LCP crystal growth without having to wait on the crystals actually growing. FRAP imager can screen your crystallization experiment in under 50 minutes to determine the mobile fraction of your protein and whether or not that condition is conducive to forming protein crystals. It can hold 2 plates and can control the temperature within 5℃ below and 7℃ above ambient.(operating temperature between 4℃ to 30℃)

Formulatrix NT8

NT8 is a fast nanoliter-volume liquid handler with drop dipensing capability, including LCP experiments. The 8-tip head aspirates and dispenses drops from 50nL to 1.5μL. The NT8’s pipette tips feature a very small geometry and a hydrophobic coating, ensuring precise dispensing across the full range of buffers and reagents encountered in protein crystallization. The NT8 can accurately and quickly dispense LCP drops as low as 30 nL. Its fully-automated calibration system ensures that the syringe tip is centered to within 50 μm of the target drop location, and it can dispense LCP and well solution drops to a 96-drop LCP plate in about 7 minutes. The NT8 prevents sample evaporation with three humidifiers that actively control humidity from ambient to 95%.

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