Platform for protein expression and purification

Platform for protein expression and purification

About Facility

Platform for protein expression and purification allows us to perform full cycle of work from genetic engineering to protein expression, purification and analysis. Platform is mainly devoted for sample preparation. Using this platform we are able to prepare samples using biological native sources (tissues, plants), cultures of strains-producers (E.coli, Sf9, L.tarentolae, P.Pastoris) and cell-free expression system. This research platform is also used to prepare genetic vectors for protein expression in transected mammalian cells. Also wide range of biochemical and molecular biology processes are using infrastructure of this platform.

Genetic engineering has it’s own site equipped with PCR-box, several laminar flow benches, Electroporator Multiporator (Eppendorf), gel documentation system (UVP), UV-transilluminators (Vilber Lourmat), PCR-cyclers (BioRad, MJ Research, Qiagen), different DNA electrophoresis chambers (Bio-rad, Hoefer) including large scale and semipreparative.

Cultivation of strains-producers could be performed in several shakers-incubators Innova 44R (New Brunswick), Multitron (Infors HT), bench-top bioreactor Labfors equipped with corrosive-stable parts for halophiles cultivation (Infors HT). For cell disruption available utrasonic baths and utrasonic frequency generator with tips, microfluidazer M-110P (Microfluidics), cavitation cell disruption vessel (Parr Instrument), French pressure cell press (Thermo Scientific), a number of tissue grinders (Dounce) with the overhead stirrer.

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